Alphabet of Obscure Animals

ibis_simple  manatee_simple  quoll  roseate_spoonbill_simple waxwing_simple

I had a bit of a rethink about my alphabet the other day and decided to simplify the illustrations and get rid of the outlines as well as getting rid of the texture as it made them look too busy.  I’ve now nearly finished the whole thing!  Just V,X and Y to do!


T and O

tamandua   okapi

A couple more animals for my obscure alphabet.  Once I have finished them all I’m hoping to make them into flashcards with facts about the animals on the back.

Children’s Illustration

My mum works in a primary school and asked me to illustrate some short stories about listening skills for the children.  The illustrations are my  own but the stories come from a pack of school supplies.


page_1   page_2

page_3   page_4

page_5   page_6

Into the Woods

woods_1 woods_2 woods_3 woods_4

Pop-up Vintage Fair

On Saturday I had a stall at the Pop-up Vintage Fair at the Beverley Arms Hotel.  It was really fun and a great way to get feedback about my work.  I got a lot of positive comments about my illustration and sold a fair bit too!



News, news, news

So much going on at the moment, I haven’t had time to blog!  My bird bags and fashion prints are now in the Artlink shop on Princes Avenue.  I will also have a stall at the Pop Up Vintage Fair at the Beverley Arms Hotel on November 17th were I’ll be selling all the products in my Etsy shop and more!

Anyway, here’s a picture of a bicycle.  I drew it using the Pen Tool in Illustrator and I’ve been using it to make cards and bags.




I made these cute little birds using the pen tool in Illustrator to draw the outline, then I created layers of texture and colour and used the clipping mask tool to create the final bird shapes in three different colours.  Prints and greetings cards will soon be available at my etsy shop.

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