Alphabet of Obscure Animals

ibis_simple  manatee_simple  quoll  roseate_spoonbill_simple waxwing_simple

I had a bit of a rethink about my alphabet the other day and decided to simplify the illustrations and get rid of the outlines as well as getting rid of the texture as it made them look too busy.  I’ve now nearly finished the whole thing!  Just V,X and Y to do!


T and O

tamandua   okapi

A couple more animals for my obscure alphabet.  Once I have finished them all I’m hoping to make them into flashcards with facts about the animals on the back.

P and Z

pangolin   zebu_final

I finally finished a couple more of the illustrations for my obscure animals alphabet. The pangolin, and the zebu.

B is for Binturong

I recently discovered that not everyone knows what a binturong is, so I decided to start an alphabet of obscure (and awesome) animals.

binturong narwhal