some random stuff

Just wanted to share a couple things I’ve done recently with my wacom tablet, just for fun and practice.  I like to think I’m steadily improving…

These two are using images I found on Google, I think they’re both from stock image websites. 

This picture is from an awesome photoshoot in a magazine all about circus inspired fashion, around the time leotards came back in… the photos are really beautiful though and I will probably do a few more of them, I really like trying to capture the see-through fabric the model is wearing.


Christmas projects!

This is some illustration work I did as Christmas presents.

My mum loves birdwatching from her conservatory so I drew her these garden birds after she said she liked the parrots I’d done.  I printed them on brown paper with their names next to them and put them in a nice frame for her, I’ll try and get a pic of that too.

I forgot to photograph this until after I had spent about 20 mins putting it in a very fiddly clip frame, hence the massive glare! Anyway this was a christmas present for my lovely friend Jenny, she liked the parrots I’d drawn and asked for a big version, I did try and do her an original but I couldn’t get them to look as good so in the end I traced the two macaws and coloured them a bit better than the originals and added in some background.

wacom tablet

i recently bought a wacom tablet so i’ve been practicing drawing with the pen, it’s brilliant to use! although it takes time to get used to it.  i drew these illustrations by tracing some fashion photos i found.  i have had a few problems; for instance the pen means that you can change the thickness of the line by applying more or less pressure, however, i’ve been using the paintbrush tool in Illustrator and i find that the line stays whatever thickness the stroke is set to, not sure how i’m actually supposed to do this and i can’t find any help in the guide.  i also find that my lines auto correct to make a smooth a curve as possible, which is annoying if i’m actually trying to draw a wiggly line, again not sure how to correct this.  i’m sure there is a simple solution and it would be great if anyone knows it.

i was particularly pleased with this drawing as i’m a fan of Sin City and i think this drawing has that sort of style to it.

the full version of this didn’t look very good but when i cropped it down to the detail of the hand on the shoulder i quite liked it.


these are some parrots i drew over the summer for no reason other than i couldn’t sleep.  i’m pleased with how they turned out though, they are based on photos of parrots i found on google as it’s difficult to find a parrot in york.  they’re done with black fineliner and pencil crayons.