I handed in my dissertation a couple of months ago but I just wanted to share some of the amazing artists I discovered while researching it.  The title of my diss was ‘have developments in technology improved illstration?’ and I looked at the period from ‘The Golden Age of Illustration’ to the present day ‘The Digital Age’.

These first pictures are by Norman Rockwell, he is one of the most famous illustrators of all time and worked during the Golden Age in America (around the 40s and 50s).  He is fantastically skilled at painting true to life, I especially love the backwards letters of restaurant, he shows amazing attention to detail.

This picture is by eBoy, a pixel illustration group from Germany.  Their work has been used by Coca Cola, Adidas and Gola on posters and sportswear.  Despite computer advances pixel illustration has stayed popular, and it’s easy to see why; eBoy create fantastic landscapes with many pop culture references and tiny details, all done with pixels.  Other artists have created beautiful portraits which look like real paintings, although the basic illustrations are equally skilled, using as few pixels as possible to create a recognisable image.

Jorge Colombo created this illustration for the New Yorker magazine on his iPhone using the Brushes app.  It is beautifully done in the style of a finger painting and has a dreamlike quality.  This was my favourite piece as it is the sort of picture I would hang on my wall.

Three very different artists, creating work in different ways with different technology and all brilliant.


a little bit of background…

so it is now half term at york college but i’m still working hard.  the first project of the year is a calendar design to be entered in a competition.  the brief is to create an innovative design for a 2011 calendar, the calendar should promote a company or cause and should reflect the companies ideas and values.  more on that later. 

the new project is a stamp design competition for the rsa, i have chosen the theme ‘fashion’ which should celebrate british fashion and promote nationl pride.  i’ve already made a start but not sure if i’m on the right track yet so i’ll say no more.

and of course, being a third year, it’s time to write a dissertation.  i have decided to look at how changes in technology have influnced image making, particularly illustration, however this is a broad topic and needs to be refined.  luckily after art, english is my favourite subject so i’m actually quite looking forward to writing it, at the moment.

right that is a brief overview of the first month, but i will post some pics up soon to show what i’ve been working on.

Hello world!

hi there, my name is rebecca bullement, i’m a graphic design student at york college in my third and final year!  this blog is my reflective journal for the year where i will talk about projects and anything interesting in the graphic design world.