Thirteen1 Minimag

I’ve finished my internship with Thirteen1 now, I had a really good time and really enjoyed doing layout design.  In my last couple of weeks I was working on the layouts for a new daily magazine the company is setting up.


Fashion Illustration

Just a bit of fashion illustration from Republic’s website.  You might have noticed I really like gilets atm.

A few little bits…

I found some random bits on my laptop the other day that I never got round to posting on here, so here they are…

This is an illustration I did in 2nd year for a children’s book called ‘A Cat Called Clay’.

These are some leaflets I made for Oxfam about a year ago, they were handed out at York Uni.

I painted this in 2007, I’ve used it on my business cards along with some other flower paintings.

These are some photos from my stamp project.  The first one shows the final stamps on an envelope and the next two are photos of the booklet that would be sent to stamp collectors with the stamps.  The first one shows an illustration of Alexander McQueen and the second shows a large illustration from one of the stamps.

media pack


This is the Media Pack I designed for Thirteen1, to be sent to possible clients.  I decided to go with a simple black and white theme with a bit of their signature green.  I used a lot of diagonal lines to make it a bit more visually exciting.  The dots are something that was used in the magazine which I really liked and have used in a lot of my layout designs for the magazine, I’ve used them here as well so that the pack ties in nicely with the magazine.  I used the font ‘Dots All For Now’ for the titles as it has a computery feel and ‘Silom’ for the text as that is also quite computery and futuristic.  I think both fonts fit quite nicely with the style of the magazine.  I was really pleased with the final outcome and the Editor said I had “an eye for design”.  This is probably my favourite thing I’ve done so far.  Only a week and half left now…


I finally finished the parrot collage I’ve been working on for about a year!