Thirteen1 magazine

The December issue of Thirteen1 online gaming review magazine is out now!  It features layouts designed by me, it’s so exciting to see my designs being used in a real publication! If you love games (or magazine layouts) you should totally check it out at

I thought I’d share some pics of some of my favourite designs and some that didn’t make it into the final edit.



I was asked to produce a Christmassy contents page for the magazine.  I found it quite difficult at first as I didn’t want it to look taccy or too cliched and I wanted it to fit with the magazine.  I came up with the glowing stars and thought that looked a bit more classy.  They were easy to make, I made the shape using the star tool in Illustrator then applied a radial gradient with a pale yellow in the middle and a darker yellow on the outside, then I applied an outer glow to the shape.  I did the same thing for the circles.  The dotted line is an element I used throughout the magazine so I used it here to tie in.  The second design I did with green as the company logo is green so I thought it would work well with the magazine.  On the third design I went for a handmade/present feel, using a brown paper background and a red ribbon I found on a free image stock website.  I used the emboss effect on the stars this time to make them look 3D but changed them back on the fourth and final design.  I was happy with the design although I thought it was quite girly, however the editor liked it and used it in the magazine.


This is a layout for a countdown, there is a different countdown each month in the magazine.  I went for a black and white background with touched of green to reflect the logo.  I used the dotted lines to seperate the entries so the pages didn’t feel too blocky and to make it a bit more interesting and I used a couple of arrows to direct the reader.  I used the font Silom for the numbers as I thought it worked well a bit like a countdown for a bomb.

This was a music review so I put in the lines and notes, I made the title large and gave it a quarter page, I like using lots of open space in my designs, I don’t like the pages to feel crowded.

I really enjoyed making this layout for a drinking game you can play while gaming.  I designed all the beer mats myself.  I drew the basic shapes in Illustrator then applied the craquelure texture to make them look 3D and give them a texture.  Next I put them into Photoshop and used the dodge and burn tools to make them look faded and old.  Lastly I downloaded some coffee stain and spatter brushes and used them to make the coasters look stained.  Once I had made the beer mats I put them into InDesign and layered them up to create a background.  I put the text over the top and decided to put backgrounds behind it so it stood out more.  I lowered the opacity on the boxes so that the background showed through.  Lastly I needed to put the drinking level labels on, I wasn’t sure how to make them fit on at first but then I had the idea to use pints of beer, I found an image online of a birds eye view of a pint and put it into my layout, then I used the circle tool to create a black oval to be the shadow of the glass, I lowered the opacity to make the shadow more realsitic.  This layout wasn’t used in the magazine but I really like it.

I kept this layout quite simple with lots of space, I gave it a large title and used the dotted line again.  I kept all the pictures together and put them into circles, I thought it looked quite cool but it wasn’t used.

So! That’s what I’ve been upto at Thirteen1, I’m having loads of fun and I’m really enjoying doing some editorial design.


some old work

These are some more circus pics I did ages ago that I just came across.

wildlife illustrations

I thought I’d upload the illustrations I did for my xmas cards.


This is a poster I made for my friend who works in a school.  I found it quite difficult to design something for 11/12 year olds,  it made me feel really old and out of touch!  so i went for a simple vector design that would hopefully appeal to boys and girls and make the disco seem cool and fun.

peacock illustration

I did this just for fun on my tablet.