Work Experience!

I’ve just started a work experience placement at a company called Thirteen1.  They produce an online magazine that reviews games and advertises for related companies.  I was so excited when I got the interview as it was the first time I got to show my portfolio to a real company!  I was offered the placement straight away and I started on Monday.  I’ll be putting up some of my editorial work soon! In the meantime check out Thirteen1 at


It’s never too early…

I’ve started making some xmas cards, I did the illustrations myself then photographed them and printed them out on linen effect paper.  The decorative papers are from some packs I got in the January sales last year.

I would love to sell my cards but atm I’m not sure how to go about it…

Bits and Bobs

You may remember the parrot illustrations I did a while ago, well I’ve started a big collage poster of them!

This is my bedroom wall just before I moved out, with the illustration I’d done for fun over the year.  You can see I’ve started to colour the parrot collage.

Be a superhero!

Oxfam Cottingham has loads of marvel comics coming soon! I have made this poster for the shop.







Help build an allotment!

Oxfam is raising money to build an allotment in Africa! I’ve been working at Oxfam for nearly 2 years now so I designed this poster to get people to donate.

For every pound we raise I will colour in a section of the poster until it’s complete!  This event is specific to Oxfam Cottingham.