Final Major Project

For my FMP I produced seven illustrations for a graphic novel version of Mulan.  I love Mulan and Chinese art so I really enjoyed doing this project.  It was also nice just to do some pure illustration.


Creative Show

As the 3rd Year Graphic Designers it is our job to design all the posters, invitations and signage for the Creative Show.  We each made a poster and then everyone voted for the best.  The winning poster looks brilliant and everyone’s entry was really good, it was hard to choose between them.  My entry was not very good, partly due to the fact I hadn’t put much time into it and I’d has a bit of a mental block.  However, since the judging I have designed a new poster which I am quite pleased with.



So as you can see I decided to go with the idea of a brain for creativity, I also liked the idea of electricity so gave it a neon feel.  (I used my Wacom Tablet to draw the brain).  The brain is made up of seven colours each representing a different subject being exhibited.  The signage for each area would be written in its specific colour.

The End

Tomorrow is the deadline for our Personal Proffessional Development folders, which includes our Reflective Journals so this is my last chance to write about the year officially.  I can’t believe how fast the year has gone! Friday is the deadline for our Final Major Projects, the last piece of work and then we will be getting ready for the Creative Show; a showcase of all the creative degree work at York College which opens on the 21st June.  Meanwhile I’ll be looking for a job! I’m really excited about working in the design industry but it can be difficult to get in so I’ll be busy organising my portfolio and ringing round companies I’d like to work for.  Fingers crossed!


I handed in my dissertation a couple of months ago but I just wanted to share some of the amazing artists I discovered while researching it.  The title of my diss was ‘have developments in technology improved illstration?’ and I looked at the period from ‘The Golden Age of Illustration’ to the present day ‘The Digital Age’.

These first pictures are by Norman Rockwell, he is one of the most famous illustrators of all time and worked during the Golden Age in America (around the 40s and 50s).  He is fantastically skilled at painting true to life, I especially love the backwards letters of restaurant, he shows amazing attention to detail.

This picture is by eBoy, a pixel illustration group from Germany.  Their work has been used by Coca Cola, Adidas and Gola on posters and sportswear.  Despite computer advances pixel illustration has stayed popular, and it’s easy to see why; eBoy create fantastic landscapes with many pop culture references and tiny details, all done with pixels.  Other artists have created beautiful portraits which look like real paintings, although the basic illustrations are equally skilled, using as few pixels as possible to create a recognisable image.

Jorge Colombo created this illustration for the New Yorker magazine on his iPhone using the Brushes app.  It is beautifully done in the style of a finger painting and has a dreamlike quality.  This was my favourite piece as it is the sort of picture I would hang on my wall.

Three very different artists, creating work in different ways with different technology and all brilliant.

the final hurdle

well it’s been a while since i last wrote, i’ve been very busy working on my final major project. firstly though here are some pics.

this is my thames clipper project for the YCN brief, i designed four posters for each of the four services the clipper offers: express; cultural, from the tate modern to tate britain; O2, for gigs; and scenic.  the posters would be on the tube so that people had time to sit and read them and also realise that the clipper is a nicer alternative to where they are. i went for bright colours to grab attention and white silhouttes to keep it simple, also the posters can all fit together to make one long poster. the wavy line represents the thames so it fits together like the river bank.   i was pleased with my final outcome, i think it answers the brief and looks attractive.

this project was for the D&AD awards, though i didn’t enter as i wasn’t finished in time.  i chose the bodyshop brief.  i really enjoyed this project, the brief was to redesign bodyshop packaging bearing in mind the company’s ethical values and their 5 core aims: promote self esteem; protect the planet; fairtrade; no animal testing; and human rights. i decided to look at old apothecaries to get an old fashioned feel fitting nicely with the natural products and the idea of ethical packaging.  i decided to redesign the whole shop layout and dispense with plastic bottles entirely (though bodyshop’s bottles are recyclable).  in my redesign customers would come into the shop and chose a decorative bottle which they would then fill up with their desired product from a dispenser.  once they had they finished the bottle they could come back and fill it up again.  i designed labels for each product to go on the dispensers and labels for the bottles, each telling on of the 5 core aims as a little story.  i chose a circle to be in-keeping with the bodyshop logo and kept their distinctive shade of green so that they could be recognised.  i used my tablet to illustrate the labels in a hand drawn style.  i was pleased with the final outcome, i think my labels appeal to the right audience and are aethstetically pleasing. it was mentioned that perhaps they weren’t high-end enough but i think that with the current fashion being for ethical products that the labels do work.