the Ponte Vecchio

the Duomo

the Duomo ceiling

A couple of weeks ago my class went on a trip to Florence.  It was amazing!  We mostly went sightseeing, our hotel was near the river, about 10 minutes up from it is the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge with buildings along it, from there we went up into the city centre, through the open squares full of statues to the Duomo, a huge cathedral which towers above everything else.  It has a beautiful painted ceiling and we climbed up to the top of the dome, firstly you can look at the ceiling close up and then you go outside where you can look over the whole of Florence and see the mountains in the distance. 

It was a really amazing trip and I took hundreds of pictures, I can’t wait to do some drawings and maybe paintings of Florence, which I will of course put up on here.


Last projects…

Last week was the deadline for the YCN project, I’ll put some pics up of that soon, having a bit of trouble uploading them.  Anyway I was quite pleased with my final designs.  We are now starting the D&AD competition and i have chosen the Bodyshop brief to redesign the packaging for four of their products.  Most of the briefs were more about coming up with an idea and how to spread a message rather than actual design which is what I prefer.  I really like the Bodyshop though so I’m quite excited about it.  We are also starting to think about Final Major Projects! How an earth has that come around so fast?!  However I haven’t really thought about either of these projects as I’m trying to finish my dissertation!  1000 words to go and I am really struggling.  I will put up some stuff about it eventually as it is quite interesting but at the moment I just want it to be over!

just for fun

A couple more fashion pictures from the article i mentioned before, i really had fun doing these!