some random stuff

Just wanted to share a couple things I’ve done recently with my wacom tablet, just for fun and practice.  I like to think I’m steadily improving…

These two are using images I found on Google, I think they’re both from stock image websites. 

This picture is from an awesome photoshoot in a magazine all about circus inspired fashion, around the time leotards came back in… the photos are really beautiful though and I will probably do a few more of them, I really like trying to capture the see-through fabric the model is wearing.


Christmas projects!

This is some illustration work I did as Christmas presents.

My mum loves birdwatching from her conservatory so I drew her these garden birds after she said she liked the parrots I’d done.  I printed them on brown paper with their names next to them and put them in a nice frame for her, I’ll try and get a pic of that too.

I forgot to photograph this until after I had spent about 20 mins putting it in a very fiddly clip frame, hence the massive glare! Anyway this was a christmas present for my lovely friend Jenny, she liked the parrots I’d drawn and asked for a big version, I did try and do her an original but I couldn’t get them to look as good so in the end I traced the two macaws and coloured them a bit better than the originals and added in some background.

lots of news!

Well I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been very busy with the YCN competition and the dreaded dissertation.

Firstly we got our marks back yesterday for the first two projects, the calendar design and stamp design, my results were pretty good, although they could have been a bit better! I am very pleased though as I won a prize in the Calendar Competition!  A certificate of merit.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the prize giving in London which is happening tonight, but i am very pleased as I can put this on my CV!

Here is a reminder of my entry.

So the new project I’m working on is the YCN competition and I have picked the brief based on the Thames Clipper, a boat which runs down the Thames from Greenwich to the London Eye.  The brief is to advertise the Clipper to several markets; tourists, commuters, people going to O2 Arena gigs and people visiting the Art Galleries.  I’ve been designing some posters to go on the Tube and in the stations round London.  I’ll put some pics up of this soon!