New Projects!

The stamp project finished last week and i was quite fed up of it by then! I had a lot of printing problems and wasn’t really happy with my final work, although I did like the stamps themselves, I will put some pics up of them soon. 

 We were formally briefed on the Creative Show Poster project last week.  Things to bear in mind, customers, leaflets, what and where, signage, college logo, size, economical.  I have had some thoughts on this project but am feeling a bit nervous after the talk we had with our tutors about the previous years work.

The second briefing was for another competition, YCN student awards.  I have only just had a look at this and there are about 10 options, I don’t like that much choice! I’ve narrowed it down to 3 but i’m still not decided so I’ll keep you posted!


M Cubed

i’ve had quite a busy week so having to do a bit of a catch-up now.  Last week we had a talk from Martin 23, a software designer who runs his own company: M Cubed.  Martin works alone and so can work whatever hours he likes, so far he has created 5 applications.  Software designers can work in a range of industries such as finance, medical, office suites, mobile apps, websites and games.

Martin told us that creating Apps is easy, you just have to think of problems and find solutions to them, the best way is to solve your own problems.  The most important aspect of making Apps is User Experience – is it simple? fun? fast? does it work? look nice?  Packaging is important as is where you sell your product and customer support.  Then once your App is launched use User Feedback to improve it

This isn’t an area I want to go into, i don’t enjoy coding, but it was interesting to hear about Martin’s success and the business side of things.