Stamp Illustrations

These are my drawings after a bit more work, my tutor thought tey would look better if the models were more sketchy like real fashion illustrations so i redid the faces and changed the brush style.  i also put a bit more colour and detail into the clothes to make them stand out more.


Stamp Project

I haven’t put up any pics in a while so here are my preliminary illustrations for the stamp project.  They are done on my tablet in the same style as my other fashion illustrations.

These illustrations are all based on photographs from Alexander McQueen’s shows.  I really enjoyed doing them and these are the 6 I’ve chosen to appear on my stamps.  There is more work to come for them and the project is still ongoing.

Jo Ledger

Yesterday we met Jo Ledger, a freelance graphic designer who has worked mostly in retail.  Jo studied packaging design at Sheffield University and was offered a job straight from uni in graphic design.  She was involved in a  bit of everything for 3 years before deciding to go in a different direction and becoming a fashion art director for a magazine.  The job involved casting models, hiring photographers and designing page layouts, it also meant a lot of traveling around the world on photo shoots. 

However after a few years Jo decided she missed packaging design and so got i job at Asda in Leeds designing all the seasonal packaging and promotional material.  After 3 years she moved to Morrisons in Bradford where she stayed for 9 years.  Jo was the Design Manager for Morrisons and handled the recent Morrisons rebrand.  This included the logo, in-store layout, lorries, packaging and stationary.  The main changes made were to lighten up the logo and make it more modern and to redesign the packaging into coherent groups.  For example, the Bettabuy range changed from red to yellow to be more inkeeping with the logo.  Also when Morrisons took over Safeways they incorporated their Best range and ‘Morrisonised’ it. 

Some important tips Jo gave us on packaging design were to consider how the items will be displayed when on shelf, such as how much will be visible, what is the most important part for the customer to see?  And to think about the amount of writing that will need to be displayed, what should be biggest?  what are the shortest and longest titles being displayed?  During the rebrand Jo was involved in a lot of food photography, she told us there would be a Food Stylist who prepared upto 10 products to be used in different ways.  Jo also designed a range of Kids Stationary and Kids Toys and Halloween costumes and decorations.  The job took 6 months and then 18 months rollout. 

At the end of Jo’s talk we were able to question her, we asked which bits she most enjoyed designing and she said the more aspirational packaging was more fun and easier as she could be more creative.  She also said, when questioned about the repetitiveness of redesigning the same brand, that it is important to see each new project as an oppertunity and to be enthusiastic and passionate about it.  Jo now works as a freelance designer but still works with Morrisons. 

I enjoyed Jo’s talk and found it very interesting to hear about working closely with one company, I also learnt a lot about packaging design!  It was good to hear how Jo was able to move from one area to another without too much difficulty as I enjoy many aspects of Graphic Design and I’m not sure I would be happy doing just one all my life.

a new pair of briefs…

as well as the talk from united by design yesterday, we were also briefed on two new projects. the first is a stamp design competition from the rsa.  i have already mentioned this in an earlier post so basically i am doing the theme ‘uk fashion’ i have chosen to do a set of stamps as a tribute to alexander mcqueen, who sadly died earlier this year.  i have chosen images from a range of his shows over the years to use as a basis for illustrations.  i’ve done quite a lot of work on this but i’m not sure if i can put it up yet as it is for a competition.

the second brief was for the creative show poster.  every year the college holds a creative show for the art, music and probably some other courses.  the 3rd year graphics students annually design posters for this event and then a winner is chosen by the staff.  although the show isn’t until june we’ve been briefed now so we can a think about it, there will be a lot to do as once they are made the winner must be chosen and then printing has to be organised so it’s good to have a bit of a headstart.

well a lot of waffle today but hopefully i’ll put some pictures up soon of something or other…

United by Design

Yesterday we had a talk from Owen, the owner of United by Design, a graphic design agency based in York.  Owen started the business himself and came into college to tell us about his life and how he’d got where he is today.  Owen did a Foundation Diploma in art at Harrogate College and then a degree in Graphic Design at Bath Spa University College.  The main focus at uni was getting ready for commercial work after graduation.  At the end of the course he and his classmates held a show in London which they funded and organised themselves. 

After uni owen stayed in north west england and rang round all the local design agencies letting them know who he was and what he could do.  He was hired by The Engine Room in Bristol and worked there for 4 years.  The Engine Room was a small company of 4 designers; their clients included Loreal, Chewits, The BBC (working on the Fimbles, a children’s tv show; Walking with Beasts and The Naked Chef) and Baco. 

After this he worked freelance for 6 months in Leeds before landing a job at WPA Pinfold where he stayed for 4 years.  The benifits of working freelance are flexibility, higher, hourly pay and getting to visit lots of different designers and studios, however the downside is no sick pay or holiday pay, it’s also less reliable to find work rather than being in a settled job.  WPA Pinfold was voted one of the top 10 design agencies in the north shortly before owen joined; their clients included N Power, Hook Norton Brewery, Dickinson and Morris Pies and Theakston Brewery. 

In 2007 he started his own business United by Design which is currently just him and his secretary.  The name simply means that designers are united with each other and also with clients.  His clients include SLOEmotion gin, York Mansion House, AJ Community Care, Lulin Teas and he has also started up his own venture, Citimaps.

I found the talk with Owen very interesting as an insight into the design industry.  his main point was that it’s important to network, who you know is becoming increasingly important.  This is something i will try to do in the coming months before i finish uni.  The thought of finding a job after uni is still a little daunting but Owen made it seem managable and i am excited to get out there and do real commercial work.

reflections on calendars

today was the first day back at college after half term, it was also the deadline for the calendar project.  everyone presented their work to the class.  everyone had really interesting, original ideas.  i was pleased with my final outcome and my tutors said it fit the client perfectly, and it fulfilled the brief.  however they said my packaging wasn’t very strong and looked a little thrown together.  i had actually forgotten about it till the last minute so i have been working on it this evening to be more inkeeping with the design. 

the tutors also said that it was important to make the finishing touches to a project that can mean the difference between a college project and a professional one.

anyway i’m adding some more pics of the project to show what i’ve done.