wacom tablet

i recently bought a wacom tablet so i’ve been practicing drawing with the pen, it’s brilliant to use! although it takes time to get used to it.  i drew these illustrations by tracing some fashion photos i found.  i have had a few problems; for instance the pen means that you can change the thickness of the line by applying more or less pressure, however, i’ve been using the paintbrush tool in Illustrator and i find that the line stays whatever thickness the stroke is set to, not sure how i’m actually supposed to do this and i can’t find any help in the guide.  i also find that my lines auto correct to make a smooth a curve as possible, which is annoying if i’m actually trying to draw a wiggly line, again not sure how to correct this.  i’m sure there is a simple solution and it would be great if anyone knows it.

i was particularly pleased with this drawing as i’m a fan of Sin City and i think this drawing has that sort of style to it.

the full version of this didn’t look very good but when i cropped it down to the detail of the hand on the shoulder i quite liked it.



these are some parrots i drew over the summer for no reason other than i couldn’t sleep.  i’m pleased with how they turned out though, they are based on photos of parrots i found on google as it’s difficult to find a parrot in york.  they’re done with black fineliner and pencil crayons.

Mayan Calendar

well as promised here is my design for the calendar competition (though i’ve completely forgotten what the competition is called!) my chosen company is Green and Black’s chocolate.  the company is fairtrade and also part of the soil association so i chose to design a calendar that got back to the roots of the company.  Green and Black’s cocoa is sourced in South America in the area where Mayans used to live so i have designed a traditional Mayan calendar but obviously using the modern day calendar instead.  the colour scheme is taken entirely from the Green and Black’s range, and actually this was very similar to the traditional Mayan colour scheme.  the central face is traced form a real Mayan calendar but the rest of the illustration and the font was all designed by me.

i’m pleased with the final result but i’m not sure it’s innovative enough to win any prizes.  when it is properly finished and printed i will add some pics of the calendar in use so you can see how it would look.

a little bit of background…

so it is now half term at york college but i’m still working hard.  the first project of the year is a calendar design to be entered in a competition.  the brief is to create an innovative design for a 2011 calendar, the calendar should promote a company or cause and should reflect the companies ideas and values.  more on that later. 

the new project is a stamp design competition for the rsa, i have chosen the theme ‘fashion’ which should celebrate british fashion and promote nationl pride.  i’ve already made a start but not sure if i’m on the right track yet so i’ll say no more.

and of course, being a third year, it’s time to write a dissertation.  i have decided to look at how changes in technology have influnced image making, particularly illustration, however this is a broad topic and needs to be refined.  luckily after art, english is my favourite subject so i’m actually quite looking forward to writing it, at the moment.

right that is a brief overview of the first month, but i will post some pics up soon to show what i’ve been working on.

Hello world!

hi there, my name is rebecca bullement, i’m a graphic design student at york college in my third and final year!  this blog is my reflective journal for the year where i will talk about projects and anything interesting in the graphic design world.